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With the proliferation of complex legislation designed to protect customers and business, along with the numerous new security threats reported each day, companies are finding that they lack the internal expertise or available resources to effectively manage IT security risks.

Without the skills and resources to sort through the numerous types of complicated security risks and the lack of expert insight, the task of assessing and minimizing security risk can strain company budgets and staff.

Intranet Systems' IT Solutions group offers a complete set of system and information security services including both comprehensive implementations and fully managed solutions.

Our managed service approach monitors and manages the implemented security technologies on an ongoing basis and help identify malicious activity. Based on the activities identified, the security services are reviewed for configuration and functionality adjustments. This continuous review and adjustment process ensures that corporate information assets are protected from everÔÇÉchanging IT security threats.

Monitoring frequency is based on client need and can be done on a continuous (realtime), hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

The IT Solutions group provides professional solutions to clients requiring consulting specialization in the following areas:

1. Firewall Implementation
2. Secure E-mail
3. SSL and IPSec VPN Implementation
4. Network Vulnerability Assessment
5. Disaster Recovery Planning