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Networks for small and medium‐size business, organizations, institutions, and corporations play a crucial role in the success of those entities. The IT networking professionals who plan, implement, and manage these complex and ever‐changing networks are faced with the challenge of understanding the overall goals of the customer, introducing new technologies that realistically meet these goals, (not having the "latest" because it is fashionable), and updating existing infrastructures, usually while under severe time constraints and with limited resources.


Intranet Systems will quickly provide you with experienced IT professionals who have direct expertise in your industry – with the systems and technologies you use. Intranet Systems offers a full range of staffing, project and recruiting services. We build relationships as we match consultant skills with our client's staffing needs ‐ a partnership that creates affordable, common sense business solutions.

Software Development

Our software development process begins with an analysis of organizational business objectives and organizational business processes. The reason: we first work with our clients to understand and analyze the business processes.


With the proliferation of complex legislation designed to protect customers and business, along with the numerous new security threats reported each day, companies are finding that they lack the internal expertise or available resources to effectively manage IT security risks.

Technical Support

Preventative Maintenance

  • Data backups - There are two reasons for data loss; either there was no backup or the media used failed to successfully capture the data. To reduce the possibility of data loss our customers can maintain backups on tapes or other backup medium. Intranet Systems verifies backups during each service visit to ensure that critical data is being safely captured.